Rubber Products

In our rubber products group, we produce hydraulic repair kits and sealing elements for all kinds of work machines including, but not limited to, concrete pump spares, asphalt machine spare parts, vibration wedges, construction machinery chocks, connection wedges, repair kit throat and fibers, piston seals, couplings, crusher wedges diaphragms and repair kits, dust seals, compact seals, packing, oil seals and nutrings.

Plastic Products

Under the plastic products group, we produce bags and nylon from high and low density polyethylene through high technology printing. As in our other product groups, we offer you the best solutions by integrating high technology and high quality raw material. Due to the importance we attach to the environment, we have a 1500 m2 recycling facility. Combining our experience with new technologies, we respond to your needs with high quality and speed.