We offer our traditional Gaziantep baklava to Turkey and the world at the highest possible quality and hygiene.


Smooth, Delicious And Balanced Flavour

Smooth, balanced flavour no other coffee can compare with. The coffee we create by mixing the best quality coffee beans of different regions is one of a kind.

Trusted By Professionals

We pride ourselves on being the choice of premium coffee shops, boutique shops and award-winning baristas. Our clients value the exceptionally high quality of our coffee and appreciate our unwavering focus on excellence and service.

100% Organic and Fresh

We collect our coffee beans from coffee trees where no artificial fertilizers are used. Coffee gets roasted before shipping, to make sure it’s as fresh as possible. Our coffee has a shelf life of 6 months, after that point the quality starts to drop and your coffee will no longer be as oily and as rich in flavour.

Our business solutions

Your job is our passion. Offering the highest quality coffee in each cup is the heart of our business. From coffee bean to machine-based solutions, we understand your business needs and offer tailored solutions for your business.