Following the latest trends in architecture, our products are being placed in the most-visible and easy-to-access points in the A+ category hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

Moreover, with our high flow capacity or foam integrated industrial product line; we provide fire safety at factories, gas stations, plants, shipyards, etc.

Our expert engineering staff always work on the most convenient system for your project with UL, FM, Vds approved products.

Finally, with quick delivery times, we fulfill our customers satisfaction in all our products.

Indoor & Outdoor Fire Hose Cabinets

Indoor and outdoor fire hose cabinets and accessories which are appropriate to EN, TSE, GOST, NFPA, BS standards.

All its accessories made of chrome nickel; our long lasting fire hose cabinets are powder painted after specially coated at our high technology equipped plants.

Water Suppression System

By water suppression system we mean; the complete product line which forms fixed automatic system. This consists of sprinklers, fire hose cabinets, hydrants, all kind of valves (such as alarm valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, etc.) and fittings.

Foam Suppression Systems

Foam suppression systems are used in areas which carry high fire risk; mostly places where flammable liquid fires can happen. We can supply package system which contains foam cabinets, foam sprinklers, all kind of valves that belong to the system, fittings, foam generators, foam monitors.

We recommend to use foam suppression system in places like heliports, paint factories, refineries and aircraft hangers.

Gas Suppression Systems

Gas suppression systems are usually used in delicate places when water, foam, dry powder systems may not be effective or cause harmful results. Gas systems are suitable to use for IT rooms, archives, museums, generator rooms, etc.

Package system contains; gas tubes, all types of valves that belong to the system, fittings, nozzles, detection and alarm system.

Dry Powder Suppression Systems

Being effective on ABC class fires, dry powder systems has wide range of extinguishing capabilities. It is commonly used as first response fire extinguishing agent, against factory and industrial plant fires.

It can be used as fixed systems or mobile systems. Portable extinguishers should be placed below caution signs in the visible points, to provide fast recognize increase of fire.