Digidoor creates tangible value from billboards. Digidoor is a tool that counts people passing in front of a billboard and categorizes these people according to criteria such as looking at the billboard, age, gender, weight and emotional state.


8goz is an intelligent drone system supported by the latest technology deep learning techniques. It aims to support agricultural production by using computer vision and drone technologies. It can be used for detecting the open / close status of greenhouse covers and for perceiving water level. However, its use is not limited to these. 8goz can be redesigned according to your needs.


Firex is an early warning system developed to prevent fire at the earliest stage possible. It reduces damage by detecting the fire before the flames. No special thermal camera equipment is required. It is an important safety measure for places such as high-ceilings tanks, critical laboratories and open areas without smoke sensors.


Orizap is a monitoring and alarm tool. With deep learning technology, it analyzes videos, detects and classifies objects, and recognizes plates.